Re: Setting Up NTP for Time Sync

From: W. Watson (wolf_tracks_at_invalid.inv)
Date: 01/05/05

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 21:22:15 GMT

W. Watson wrote:
> I have read the other posts to mine, and will look at some of things
> mentioned. Since I posted the original a few hours ago, a few things of
> interest have occurred.
> I discovered the need to put the "server" in my ntp.conf
> file, as mentioned by a few posters. The IP address is for the XP
> machine, solarblast. is for the Linux box, astropc2004. I
> then reset the clock and date through the RHL9 calendar icon on the
> panel of the desk top to be very far off the real time/date. I then used
> it again to fire up ntp, using a check box on the dialog, to get the
> info from the XP. A small "Waiting" dialog appeared for about 10
> seconds, and then the calendar/date dialog disappeared. No change in
> date or time. I found this a bit odd, since if I fire up W2k on the
> Linux box, I can set its time from XP.
> After some more Googling, I found that the LocalNTP entry in XP's
> registry should be set to binary 1. Mine was binary 0. I then repeated
> the above on Linux, but still nothing. Perhaps I needed to boot XP.
> Haven't tried that yet. Setting the value to 1 is still a little
> perplexing because W2k had no trouble with the sync.
> I see a few people suggested a SIGHUP. I'm sort of a rookie at this, but
> I think that means basically to restart NTP on Linux. I'll do that and
> reboot XP and report back.
Well, the XP boot and the ntp restart didn't change a thing. Linux didn't sync its
time with XP.

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