ipv6 and XDMCP

From: Captain Dondo (yan_at_NsOeSiPnAeMr.com)
Date: 01/19/05

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:16:47 -0800

I'm setting up a network where logins happen via gdm + XDMCP. Everything
works fine, except that all the Fedora Core 2 machines show up twice in
the browser, once with their IPV4 name and IP address, and once with just
the IPV6 address.

This is really frustrating... I can't figure out how to turn off the
ipv6 address in Fedora Core 2.

Is there a way to prevent ifconfig (or the kernel) issuing out IPV6
addresses? Do I need to turn off all of the IPV6 stuff in the kernel and

Is there a setting somewhere that I've missed?