Re: Peterson's Death Sentence

From: Noah Roberts (
Date: 01/29/05

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 10:53:01 -0800

Kevin Aylward wrote:

> Yes. I have already addressed this, with commandment 11. Sure, if the
> only way you can salvage gods, is to throw absolutely *everything* away,
> i.e. allow contradictions, then my argument fails.
> And you believe that this is a good refutation of the argument?
> Stand up and smell the roses.

That isn't the only one. You don't address this one either:

If God is omnipotent he can give up his omnipotence. Therefore he can
create a rock that is to heavy for himself to lift because by creating
that rock he gives up his power to lift it. However, as it stands he
could lift any such rock. This solution might not hold...

There is also the completely rediqulous but also completely logical and
scientific argument that God and a rock he can both lift and not lift
can exist so long as we don't observe it. And since he is omnipotent he
can forever keep us from observing this. The cat is both dead and not dead.

Then there is the statement, which is similar to mine, that if you don't
already assume God cannot do the logically impossible then the question
is meaningless and no logically impossible task is even being set forth.

Then the problem compounds if you add other branches of logic instead of
just deductive. The rock cannot be both created and not created so long
as you can prove that it can't. Since any proof of that would
necissarily have to go against the definition of omnipotent (as defined)
it cannot be proven.

You can also trivialize the centuries of debate about this and claim
that your reasoning overpowers all that, but that makes your argument

Finally 42 is not the meaning of life, it is the answer to the question
about life the universe and everything; big difference. We don't know
what the question is and cannot know since both answer and question
cannot exist in the same universe at the same time; since we know the
answer we cannot know the question - unless we travel to another
universe that contains the question and forget the answer, but the
problem remains. It is rather common for people who haven't read the
book to believe the former though. It is also common for some that have
to state the former even though it is not true. The question is which
are you?

And the babelfish proves the non-existance of God: "And God said, 'Oh, I
never thought about it that way,' and promptly vanished in a puff of
illogic." And I travel in a ship powered by an improbability drive.
It's funny, and that is all it is meant to be.

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