2 seperate DSL connections / bonding / load balanice

From: Chad (c-paul_at_netexpress.net)
Date: 02/03/05

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:09:55 -0600


I was looking over the post and saw a few items on load balancing / and
I did not see anything that was exactly what I am looking to setting up and

Our company has 2 seperate DSL circuits. one is a 1meg / 512k circuit and
another is a 2.3meg / 512k circuit. We installed a web cam and we need to
upstream / out going side to be as high as possible. I see you can buy 2 and
4 port WAN cable / DSL routers that will combine / load balance the 2
connections. 2 WAN port units are like around $200 to $250 and 4 port ones
are like $350 to $400. I have a few Linux servers running and have a few
parts and I want to try to use Linux (Red Hat) or plan to use Fedora core 2
or core 3.

I have been searching for a few good "How To" pages or other info on the
topic. Our Linux machine would have 3 Ethernet ports in it. 2 WAN ports,
one for each DSL modem and the 3rd LAN to go to our SonicWall Firewall. I
think the the first DSL circuit and its IPs will give us more fun to
configure since I am thinking WAN 1 and the LAN port will both need real
world IPs besides the SonicWall WAN port. We might not have enough real
world IPS for this to work since the SonicWall also port forwards the 4th IP
to the mail server behind it. We have 5 IPs to use on the 1st DSL line. The
2nd DSL service would go into WAN2 on a 192.169.x.x.

Anyway any good books, web pages or HOW TOs for this?