Re: Moving home network to IPv6

From: David Goodenough (
Date: 03/28/05

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:16:40 +0100 wrote:

> Hi,
> I currently have a home network setup with IPv4, and would like to move
> to IPv6. Before I do anything, I'd like to know if there will be
> problems because of the setup I have.
> Currently, I have adelphia cable internet (who is only IPv4 still I
> believe), with a Dlink 704p router for the firewall and a Dwl900
> AirPlus for wireless clients. Ideally, I'd like to be able to keep
> these in use.
> The network is a mix of Linux and WinXP clients. I have a RH linux 9
> server offering DHCP, DNS (my internal names + caching of Inet names),
> NTP, SMB, NFS, SSH, CUPS, and Apache HTTP.
> I have a private 192.168.0 class address...if there is a similar
> concept in V6, I'd like to stick with it.
> So, is this feasable, and where do I start? I'd like to migrate the
> server first, then a single make sure its working before I
> start moving the others.
> Thanks!
> Andy
You can run both concurrently. If you set up a V6 network locally you
will use Link Local addresses (the equivalent of the private addresses)
but you can use V4 for external use.