Re: Problems installing madwifi_pci, ath0 missing

From: Knut (maa_at_nok.sporre)
Date: 03/28/05

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 22:45:03 +0200

Knut wrote:

> Joachim Mæland wrote:
>> On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:07:14 +0200, Knut wrote:
>>> I am quite new to Linux. I have a old Toshiba portable with Mandrake
>>> 10.1 Community edition. I am trying to get a DLINK G650 wireless PCMCIA
>>> card to work on this machine. I dont have any other network card (wired
>>> or wireless). My card seem to be recognized but during boot i'm told
>>> that ath_pci cannot find device ath0. I cannot find this device in any
>>> other way either. Can anyone tell me how to install ath0? And yes, I am
>>> aware that the device can have another name like wlan0, but the only
>>> devices I have are lo and sit0.
>>> I have dowloaded madwifi_pci source and stored these files in a
>>> directroy under /home. Is it necessary to store them in a special
>>> directory? I have also installed my Linux source (urpmi linux-source). I
>>> have modified modules.conf, modules and modprobe.conf to include alias
>>> ath0 ath_pci. I have created a symbolic link to the source files. I then
>>> run make clear, make, and make install. Should I modify any
>>> configuration files or variables, or execute any other commands before
>>> or after these make-commands? These commands run without errors. Then I
>>> run depmod. After this proecdure there is a new
>>> directory /lib/modules/ with several *.ko files,
>>> among them ath_pci.ko and ath_hal.ko. I expected to get these files in
>>> my /lib/modules/ directrory, am I right?
>> Yes.
>> Pleas read the README file and locate "KERNELRELEASE".
>>> If I try to modprobe ath_pci I get a error message tellling me that
>>> ath_pci not found. insmod ath_pci.ko complains about an invalid
>>> parameter -l. And device ath0 is still not found.
>>> Are my problems related to the missing ath0 and how can I install this?
>>> Or is it some error in compiling and loading madwifi_pci? Or both? And
>>> yes, I have the wireless extensions installed.
>> When you're able to load the module driver(s), you can start looking for
>> ath0...
> You were right, setting KERNELRELEASE solved my problem.
> Then on to the next: Now I can see my wireless network and also my
> neighbours unsecured. But I am not able to configure the network
> connection correctly. I know I'm using the right Essid, key and frequency
> but I am not able to ping any other machines. Any hints? Any good source
> to read about configuring wireless TCP/IP, preferably under Mandrake.
> I get a message in my log saying ath0: no ipv6 router. Does this mean that
> my configuration locks on ipv6?
> Knut
And I forgot. I have set up my network to use DHCP and my PC is not able to
obtain an ip-adress from the router (Dlink DL 624+). Other (Windows PC's)
are, if I put my card in an Windows XP PC everything works fine.