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From: Coenraad Loubser (
Date: 04/25/05

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:43:25 +0200;en-us;303743

It seems the DHCP server does use the wrong field.... I'll have to look
at the capture again, I don't recall seeing that field...

>Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.0.2rc3
>Copyright 2004 Internet Systems Consortium.
this is the version that sucks so bad... but at least it doesnt just die
like the one that comes with Suse 9.1, or the updated one from yast. !*@#(*

Third-party DHCP server may assign duplicate IP addresses to clients
that are behind a network bridge
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Last Review : February 14, 2005
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Your Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) client computer is located
behind a Microsoft Windows XP-based host computer and has a network
bridge configured. Your DHCP client computer tries to obtain an IP
address from a third-party DHCP server. You receive a "duplicate IP
address" error message. This issue may occur in network environments
where a DSL modem, router, or switch acts as a DHCP server.

Note A Windows XP-based host computer is a computer that runs Windows XP
and that shares its network connection with other computers.
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This issue can occur if the third-party DHCP server incorrectly uses the
MAC address from the CHADDR (the Client hardware address) field of the
DHCP Request packet (instead of the Client Identifier field) to identify
the client that is requesting a DHCP lease. Request for Comments (RFC)
2131 states that the DHCP server must use the Client Identifier field
(if used by the client) to identify the client.
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To resolve this issue, contact the manufacturer of the DHCP server to
inquire about the availability of a fix for this issue.
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