Re: hook up to mac +file sharing

From: Alexander Clouter (
Date: 05/24/05

Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 08:49:41 -0000

On 2005-05-23, David Dorward <> wrote:
> -! m@ wrote:
>> How do I hook a FC4T2 box to a Mac 0s 8.0 box? It demands me to use
>> AppleTalk to file share
> Well:
> leads me to:
> which looks like exactly what you want.
omg! what do you mean. I am far too busy to put my brain into gear and use
such tools and get the answer I need in five minutes. Its far better to:

1) create a posting for a newsgroup where the keywords contained would give
        me a google search
2) find a (un)suitable newsgroup to post to
3) connect to the Internet
4) post the message and watch it spread like an uncontrolled multicast packet
5) wait at least a couple of hours if not days for a response
6) spend those hours/days polling the newsgroup
7) read with delight the URL that someone has pulled from said Google search
        on my lazy behalf
8) [prediction, sweepstake anyone?] reply with "thanks but I used Google and
        got what I needed minutes after my original posting"

/me dons his Asbestos undies

I personally would expect no less from a Deadrat user. On the flip side if
this was a Gentoo posting it would probably be "how can I compile Appletalk
with -fgod-make-it-fast -fno-clue to speak to my old skool Mac with barely
Ethernet 10baseT" :)

Maybe I'm getting old, but with all the other USENET postings that can be
summarised 50% of the time to "use Google numbnut" you would hope some
Clue(tm) would through osmosis leak into there....I would hope... Then again
working on a helldesk tells you this is far from the mark. :-/