Re: Firewall question

From: Bit Twister (
Date: 06/16/05

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 19:48:42 -0500

On 15 Jun 2005 17:28:51 -0700, froogle wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not new to linux but I'm needed to administer a small group of
> computers snce recently and need to add a firewall to the network. It's
> a windows lan.

Hmmm, Lan firewall will help protect lan from internet. I think you
are still needing to put a firewall on each windose box to protect it
from the other windows boxes.

> I have been reading iptables howto and tutorials since
> many days but it's not very clear to me how to make my own firewall.
> What to add for a windows lan etc.
> Can someone point me to some guide/website that would help me learn
> iptables quickly and easily? Maybe I need to read more howtos for
> detailed security later but for now I need urgent help or I won't be
> spared.

I would suggest installing Shorewall to create/monitor your firewall settings.
Shorewall lets you have lots of options and stats.

You can also install webmin and manage shorewall from a browser on the
lan. https:firewall_ip_name_here:10000
webmin will also let you manage iptables if you really want to go that