Firewall // Network Shaping

From: Jasper RK Germeys (
Date: 07/17/05

Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 16:25:16 GMT

I was thinking of putting up my old Pentium 90 as firewall for my local
network at home. With about 10-30 rules for IPTABLES.

But what I wonder thou is if a P90 is suffident for network shaping, and how
much ram I probably would need.

The network shaping would be a simple one with 2 layers

Aswell, what distro should I preferable use, or even not linux?

I have no expercience within networkshaping, so any tips around there would
be nice too

please reply to

[shaping plan:]
Computer B-D shall have even access to the net and form a group that shall
have even access to the net as computer A (server)

[comp A] 50 ~ 50 [group B]
                           [comp B to D] (evenly split)

computer B-D will not constaty be running

possibly will the firewall have 3 network cards [uplink], [direct link to
comp A] and [switch to computer B-D]
or eventuelly will comp A be connected to the switch aswell

computer A-D will probably all run any type of windows