Re: samba question

From: Charly (
Date: 08/09/05

Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 09:14:30 GMT

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> Charly wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a samba server and 5 xp home clients.
>> Each client has a share:
>> xp1 has share1
>> xp2 has share 2 ....and so on.
>> Every share can be reached only with user identification and password.
>> xp1 can reach only share1, for example.
>> But the problem is that xp1 sees also all the other shares (even if he
>> can't enter). Is there a way to see only the share of the user that
>> logged on ?
>> Thanks a lot
>> .
> what do you mean only the share of the user that logged on? the shares
> you see have to do with your own permissions, not anybody elses!?

exactly: I want to see only that share for which I have the permission
(there are other 100 shares with other users).
But even if I put in the share browsable = NO is does't work... can you help
me ???