VPN tunnel ws. Remote Desktop (Terminal client)

Date: 08/25/05

Date: 25 Aug 2005 09:06:52 -0700

Hello group,

I've set up a linux routing-server with pptp-client. Routing is
enabled. Default route points to our firewall.

The connection to the VPN network is established. FTP and VNC are
working without problems.

My problem is very curious: I connect via my Remote Desktop/Terminal
client. I get a connection (the screen turns black) but I get no login
dialouge. After a while an error accures: "Connection failed. Check
network properties" (or something like that). If I connect again and
then start another instance of the client and also connect it, the
second instance works well.
After that I tried to connect only one client. This worked also great
with the instance, that got the prior connection.
Then I closed all clients and startet a new one. I got no connection.

I tried the same procedure from two computers. Both Windows XP prof.
SP2. They work identicly.

In /var/log/messages there are some lines like this:
Aug 25 20:08:31 vpngate pptp[21695]: anon
log[decaps_gre:pptp_gre.c:404]: buffering packet 5429 (expecting 5426,
lost or reordered)

But they are not written while connecting the client.

In /var/log/firewall there are some entries, that packets were accepted
(high log level), but no messages of dropped packets.

Anyone has got an idea?

Thanks in advice!

Christian Kusenbach