Re: Commercial file-server software

From: Christopher Browne (
Date: 09/13/05

Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:58:34 GMT

> I am looking for commercially available software to provide fileserver
> capabilities under Linux. I am aware of Samba but I cannot use
> open-source or free software. Basically I want to load Linux onto an
> Apple G5 and act as a file server to connected clients.
> I've done a lot of searching and everybody seems to point at Samba for
> this. I need a stand-alone (can't be part of an OS) product, that
> supports Linux on PowerPC, that can do this and is commercially
> avialable. Any suggestions or companies to look at?

Have you considered purchasing AIX or Mac OS-X?

Those seem likely to be more suitable for your purposes.

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