OSPF with Quagga on Linux

From: Charles Price (cpwp_at_NO-SPAM-PLEASEw3z.co.uk)
Date: 11/08/05

Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 12:25:09 +0000

I am running a Linux machine as a PPPoE access concentrator.

      A----------------B C----------
PPP----| Concentrator | <--OSPF--> | Router |---> Internet
       ---------------- ----------

Interface "A" : No IP address, PPPoE tunnels only
Interface "B" :
Interface "C" :

Interface "A" handles incoming PPPoE tunnels with endpoint addresses in the and ranges. ospfd advertises routes to the
addresses of these tunnels through interface "B" when the interface comes

Is there a way to prevent ospfd from advertising the addresses
so that the router (with interface "C") will only hear about routes to ?

Relevant configuration files appended.

Any help greatly appreciated.


--- /etc/quagga/zebra.conf ---
hostname pppoe1
password xxxx
enable password xxxx

interface eth0
  no multicast

interface eth1
  description public
  ip address

ip route

log syslog
--- EOF ---

--- /etc/quagga/ospfd.conf ---
hostname pppoe1
password xxxx
enable password xxxx

router ospf
  ospf router-id
  network area 0

log syslog
--- EOF ---

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