Re: SSH struggle

Dominique Gibon <dominique.gibon0@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Running SSH on a Debian Sarge (kernel 2.6.8-2-386).
> Port 22 is listening, firewall is open for port 22 on my LAN.

> When I SSH from a Windows machine on the LAN using SecureCRT with SSH2, the
> RSA key is read/loaded by the client, but I get the flw error message:
> SecureCRT has disconnected from the server. Reason: Unable to authenticate
> using any of the configured authentication methods.

What happens when you telnet from this Windows client to the server on
port 22? For example, "telnet debianserver 22".

> In /var/log/auth.log there is no trace of any SSH login attempt.

It sounds like you're not talking to the correct machine, or the
firewall isn't properly open.

> By comparison my "straight" FTP connection from the same client machine are
> all successfull, and properly logged.

OK, so maybe you have the correct machine.

Let us know the result of the "telnet" test suggested above.