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Scott R. Haven wrote:

Ziller wrote:
Hi guys,

I have Linux SuSE 10 installed in a laptop. The network works okay but
it doesn't work after suspending.

I have tried restarting manually the drivers using ifdown and ifup. The
problem is when getting the ip address from a DHCP server. It just look
for a DHCP server and it just says that it can't find any. The strange
thing is that everything is okay when I restart the computer normally.

Does anybody has experienced a similar problem?

This is quite typical. You'll probably have to rmmod the appropriate module(s) as well.

Something like:

ifdown eth0
rmmod eepro100 (or whatever you're using)

If it won't unload you'll have to stop other services and/or rmmod other modules as well.


ifup eth0

If "ifup" doesn't  load the module you'll have to do it with "modprobe"

One thought would be to put these commands in a script to make is easier. Often X will break when you suspend too. I sometimes just disable the suspend feature all together.

How about a "rcnetwork restart" (or whatever is used to start the network services, e.g. "/etc/init.d/network restart") ?

Furthermore it would be pretty much interesting for the developers to know more about that particular problem (hardware, kernel, drivers). Could you please report that bug to bugzilla ? You will find more information how to report a bug under and
Never give up !

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