Re: Linux Console Hangs


I tried the rootshell by adding "init=/bin/sh" and I got
init-2.05b# prompt.
Then I tried /sbin/mingetty tty3 (as it was in my /etc/inittab) but
nothing happens. 2 seconds latter I had the same prompt.
I have nothing in my log files.
I noticed than I cannot modify a file in /etc - it was read-only even
when I modified ro to rw in the kernel boot line.

Something new: even if I try a login with a foo password, the console

I still have access trough Webmin and it uses /etc/shadow for
authentication, according to /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf file (I suppose
this is the Webmin config file)

Any other ideas? Can be a corrupted version of /bin/bash or /bin/sh? Or
some kind of hack? The server is not exposed to Internet and the last
thing is unlikely. Unfortunately, I cannot reboot the servers more than
2-3 times a day during lunch time, so I need more options to try next
time. Thanks



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