Re: Can't open WMV or JPG from Windows share, but MPG and AVI work fine

rex roland wrote:
I actually have 2 problems, maybe they are related. I just installed Debian, and samba was included. I messed around with everything and its mostly working. Here is the first problem. I have a computer named Neal. When I double click on it on the Debian box, i get a message sayign I dont have permission. If i type in smb://Neal/Shared then I get a login prompt at it works. I dont understand this, I guess its not picking up the right permissions from windows but im not sure.

Second problem: now that I have access to the directory, I can play AVI and MPG files right over the network. But if I try to open a JPG or a WMV i get a message sayign the file doesnt exist. There are also no thumbnails showing, just the icons. If i copy them over the thumbnail instantly loads and it opens fine.

I am confused on whether this is a problem with the Windows permissions or the Samba permissions or the Linux permissions. All the windows user accounts are local, there are no domains. Thanks for any info.

Nobody knows ?