Re: Two network adapters on seperate networks problem

Are you sure all those hosts are directly connected to the network
attached to eth0 and hence do not need a gateway? (Maybe something is
proxy ARPing for them??) Did you try pinging or otherwise contacting
all of them? If you can contact them directly without a gateway, this
doesn't match the original netmask you gave us.

I think each system is connected to a local switch with several other
local devices, and then this switch is connected back to a central
large switch/router that implements the access control lists, vlans,
etc. I'm not too clear of the exact topolgy truthfully. But, I can
connect to all of the rooms, which did actually surprise me, so
something out there is making it work. Just in case, I changed the
route command to specify the gw for these routes:

/sbin/route -v add -host $ip gw eth0

Is there a way to tell eth0 to use the gateway for all
connections? I didn't see a way to really do that with the route
command. Maybe I don't want to do that anyways, since it is working
now, why push it...

You seem to have snipped out the entry for the network attached to eth0
( doesn't count).

Here is what I snipped out: U 0 0 0