Re: How can i use iptable to block bittorent ?

"Pratchaya" <pratchaya@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

How can i use iptable to block bittorent ?

Hi, Everyone
Now i need to block my network to se bittorent.
and i use iptable to be software firewall.
I want to know how to block bittorent with iptable command .

Why do you need to block your network to "se" bittorent ( whatever that is)
What you would block are the ports bittorrent uses but of course I do not
happen to remember the port numbers. However, if you are worried about
nepharious users, they could always change the ports. No firewall looks
inside the packets to see what is really in them, since that would slow
down network traffic to a crawl. It relies on port numbers.
Note that doing this would mean that your users could neither download or
upload say the Mandriva distribution.

Thank you very much