Re: Really strange samba puzzle

On Thu, 25 May 2006 17:22:40 +1000, Ron House <house@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| At work we have a server with various samba mounts, and I can also log
| on to this machine with ssh. I have a directory in the share containing
| a file called "courses.txt". ls through ssh shows it, but ls locally on
| the samba share doesn't. If I rename it using the ssh connection to
| anything else at all, it becomes visible; set it back to its original
| name, and it disappears again. All other files are visible normally.
| I can't imagine how to google successfully for this problem (though I
| have tried). Has anyone seen this before? Both local and server machines
| are the latest stable debian.

Is there another file with a name that differs only in the case of the
letters? Like "Courses.txt"?

Reverend Paul Colquhoun, ULC.
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