"Some" Apps not resolving names

Ok, I've been using linux for a while (first kernel was 1.1). I've got a
network that has been up and running for a 'few' years. I haven't screwed
with anything "lately".
My machine has 1 disk with linux, and one with windoze 2000 server(I have to
use autocad and a couple of others,for my work). Neither disk really "knows"
about the other, I switch through the BIOS setup.
Here is the problem.
Today, I booted the linux disk to xfer some files via ftp to another linux
box on the (local) network. inetd worked just fine, and the files got
transfered. Then I went to download some files, check some stuff etc. (with
linux) and nothing in X windows would resolve hostnames. I bailed out to a
tty term, ran ping, that worked fine, which tells me gethostbyname() works.
I did some lookups with nslookup (I know, old!) dig, and host, everything
worked fine. I can ping the world, lookup hosts by name, blah, blah.... I
did the same drill in an Xterm, everything works fine. I crank up Mozilla,
can't load anything. Try to send mail, nothing. I tried putting in the IP
addresses of "known" servers, and mozilla goes into a loop, "Loading, done,
Loading, done, Loading, done... you get the picture... But I never get a
page loaded...

I tried using Pine to send some mail... same results, no host resolution...

Both OS's use DHCP and are assigned an IP by my (linux) DHCP server based on
the hardware address, so nothing changes on that end between windoze and
linux. The bad news is Windoze is working and linux ain't! This is a first
for me!

Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?