Re: DNS basics

Okay. I guess I'm missing even the most basic of things. For instance,
when I go to the site I registered the domain on I have to give them a
name server. Is the name server going to be the system I have setup DNS
left_coast wrote:
nick wrote:

Hello all,

I registered a domain name. Now I want that name to resolve to the IP
address I have on my server at home. So when people type in the name
they arrive at my server. I have no CLUE as to how to do this. I know
DNS basics, but not how to do something practical such as this.

Well, if you want to run your own DNS server:

If you have a static IP address, then need to give your IP to the company
from which you bought your domain name.

If you have a dynamic IP address, then you may want to use something like


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