Re: Newbie Questions

Don't misunderstand...I'm not doing this myself. I've just always been
curious. The IT guys at work are hush hush about everything. I see a
router. I see switches. But no one explains. I assume that the router
connects to the switch. They have like five switches with 16 or so
ethernet ports. They also have a Cyberguard firewall, I think it is.

So the firewall just firewalls, and the router does NAT, etc. right?
Now onto the proxy server, is there a certain point in a company's size
when they REALLY need the proxy server?
Geoff wrote:
With 50/100 machines you're gonna need more than one.

And you forgot one basic element, one that you can't get away without:
YOU NEED A SYSADMIN, one that can make all that junk run, and keep your
'network' running.

yeah totaly
if you have this amount of machines, you NEED to employee someone who knows
what they are doing