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While looking for a GB switch for my (small) home lan it took
some time to find a switch that is configurable (RS232 login)
while remaining halfway affordable. The only one I found
available to me and bought was a 1000/100/10Mbit "longshine" 8
port switch.

What's the bandwidth verses cost? I know in 100BaseT, the extra bux buys a
lot more bandwidth.

Iirc switch + 2 intel GB nics (cooper) were about 250,- Euro
(some years ago). Perhaps about 5x the price of 100 MBit/sec for
10x the bandwidth. Hard to compare if you go for 100MBit nics +
switch as cheap as possible it might be even more.


As mentioned before, we have extra fans on just about everything because it
gets warm in where the computers are (it's +43C outside at the moment, and
thanks to the air conditioner, it's only +25C inside). But the stereo is
on, and that masks a lot of the other noise.

Just turned on my mobile dual tube A/C, it's supposed to be hot
again today, it's just 7:30 (GMT+2). About 30-33C, doesn't sound
that much but high humidity kills you off even at those
temperatures in this country. ;(

LCD monitors help lots, CRT types produce magnitudes more heat.


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