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Misunderstood question. Ethernet switches, some dual speed hubs, and

Badly phrased question?


Not mentioned in the manual:

[snip marketing blather]

The 256KB SSRAM give some indication.

It does, and it doesn't. I'd suspect because it isn't mentioned explicitly
that it's not a large number.

In reality I did not care much about total bandwidth, as there are seldom
more then 2-4 systems connected at all. Perhaps you overlooked that this
is my home lan *not* some $$ production environment? ;-)

That's also why I haven't made the jump to Gigabit. Up until early last
year, I was running 10Base2 in the house, because that was more than
enough for what I was using. We updated to 100BaseT because it was supported
by the cable modem, and I got those two Superstacks for ten bucks each. I
already had the NIC capability except on the box that was running the POTS
modem and firewall (an old 386 laptop).

Yep, that was my point. Low humidity makes it far easier to bear
with high temps.

Except there is to much of a good thing. We have four humidifiers running
in the house. First week I was here, I walked into this room, reached to
the CPU of a workstation to unlock the keyboard (old IBM AT style case),
and drew an arc about a half inch long... which caused the computer to
reboot. I've also got scars on the arms from touching one of the cats, and
drawing a similar arc. Hmmm, maybe 6% humidity isn't such a good thing.
(The hygrometer is showing 47% now, while NWS is saying 21% downtown.

18 cm rain/year? If it rains here 18 cm a single day, none would
be surprised here. It can take a week or longer once it starts

Obviously, it varies all over the world. I was running a field test in South
East Asia, and measured (drinking glass set on a table for 10 minutes) 17.8
cm/hour. We can get thunderstorms to drop as much as 3 cm in an hour or less,
but the storm cell is only a 4-8 KM across. This means 10 KM away may not
even see a single raindrop.

There's always an umbrella in my daypack. Of course this depends on the
area, there are dryer places in Germany.

whois doesn't tell me, but you're down near Bamberg, right? Or is that just
a colo. The maps I have suggest it's drier up near Erfurt to Mersburg,

CRTs make a nice heat you could perhaps roast beans on...

The cat used to think that one monitor I had with a relatively flat top was
just a perfect place to sleep. Sure glad that was a rental system - but I
wonder what the tech thought when we returned it.

Old guy