Re: Help climbing the mountain of a linux mail server...

Constant Meiring wrote:

Ok, but if I send mail to jan@xxxxxxxx and the mail server is,
mail should go to regardless of an MX record?? As I understand
it, a MX record is only needed when your domain is and
your mail exchange is or something like that. An MX
record just points out the mail handler for a certain domain. Am I
right here?

Yes, provided there are no MX records defined anywhere.

I have registered a CName (eg. that points to that telkom
address ( Do I need to register a MX
record for aswell to point for that domain to

a CNAME should work as long as the dsl name is correct. Mailers should keep resolving CNAME records until they find an A record. I would point the CNAME to something from no-ip though, Telkom sometimes leaves the IP address intact for days or even weeks at a time, and then suddenly goes back to its 'one change per 24 hours' mode. Whenever it changes, your mail server might be unavailable for a while until the records expire from various DNS caches.