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With regards to 'old guy'. I believe my question was still related to

That's why I suggested comp.protocols.tcp-ip, which is where something
like this is discussed. The group isn't all that high in traffic, and
looking at the last 30 days of posting (which you should do before
posting to understand _any_ newsgroup) is about 340 articles, or about 10
a day. The "List of Big Eight Newsgroups" that is posted to the newsgroups
news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, and news.lists.misc on the 15th of
every month gives fairly valuable clues as to the appropriate group to
pose a question. Examples:

comp.os.linux.networking Networking and communications under Linux.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip TCP and IP network protocols.

This group is aimed at Linux networking, while the other is aimed at
TCP/IP networking in general. I'm not even sure that the Linux networking
code is aware of the trick needed in RFC3021, while routers (especially
from Cisco) are (given that the author is from Cisco). Info on Cisco routers and bridges.

That might be another good group to review.

As for the top post my Apologies.

Yeah - a hint from the newsgroup FAQ posted twice a week to alt.os.linux,
comp.os.linux.misc, and comp.os.linux.setup among others:

"Google Groups users please read - Howto reply properly"

as well as

"What is Usenet?"

"The Usenet Newbie Project"

"Eric S. Raymond (ESR) & Rick Moen:
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way?"

Otherwise, you're just digging your own hole.

Old guy

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