About Chelsio Communications

Chelsio Technical Overview

Chelsio Communications is the market and technology leader for 10
Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Chelsio's board-level products employ the
company's unique ICs that process compute-intensive communications
protocols at 10Gbps rates. Unburdened of this communications-processing
overhead, host servers and storage systems that use Chelsio adapters
dramatically increase both applications performance, and communications

► Chelsio products accelerate network performance in enterprise data
centers, high performance cluster computing (HPCC), enterprise-wide
data storage systems, and post-production shops for digital film and
video. Chelsio is a privately-held subsystems company in Sunnyvale,

The technology we work are:

TCP Offload Engine (TOE)
10-Gbit/s iSCSI SAN
RDMA (InfiniBand)

► Chelsio’s flagship board-level protocol engine is the world’s
best performing 10GbE adapter.
► It employs Chelsio’s unique Terminator ASIC that processes
TCP”IP, iSCSI, and other upper-layer protocols – unburdening the
host-system’s CPU of these tasks.
► Unlike competitive solutions that tax the host-system CPU to
process these protocols, Chelsio’s TCP Offload Engine (TOE)
technology dramatically increase the host-system’s CPU performance,
as well as it’s network bandwidth.

► To learn more about TOE:


► Here is the link to iSCSI documents:
► RDMA and InfiniBand documents are available here: