Re: Ethernet card problem

Dave {Reply Address In.sig} wrote:
I wonder if this is the same issue I have with a DSL300T, also running
in bridge mode.

If it is similar, you need to configure your Linux box to request a DHCP
address from the router, which will assign it the IP address it receives
from the ADSL side. The router handles the PPPoE side of things (true
for the DSL300, might not be for yours) so the computer just talks
standard ethernet.

i am not so good at networking aspects & it is my first experience. i
conclude you want to say this: "assign dynamic IP address rather than
static IP address". if yes, then i tried & failed.

Where it breaks is when the PPP link dies - although this is set up
again, the default route on the router appears not to be set up again
until the next DHCP transaction from the computer. So either set the
DHCP lease time to be 60 seconds (which will cause it to drop for up to
a minute) or have some other means of kicking the router to re-establish
the default route.

On Linux, "pon dsl-provider" never opens any web page. on Windows
"dial-up connection" opens them for say 1 to 20 minutes or not at all,
quite random process.

I wrote a small perl script that every minute or so
checks for the existence of the default route and explicitly sets it if
it's gone, and notes it in the syslog (so I can see how much of a
problem it is).

great :-) , i feel i am "miles behind' in gaining a technical edge on

Try a telnet to your router on, login as root, password
whatever you've set for the web interface. You should find it running
Linux, so simple commands like route and ifconfig are available to
inspect what's happening.

ok i will try.

thanks a lot brother.



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