Linksys Router

I have a Linksys router RTP300. Doing NAT to a Lan.

I have linux servers on the Lan side. The servers are scratch built Linux
boxen. All hosts are Linux boxen no ms windows (not on my network) :)

Is there a way to get the ip address (internet side) without logging in to
the administration setup?

Arp will only get me the address on the Lan side and not the Internet
side :( (That is I don't know how to ask it to get me what I am looking

I need to detect when my ISP changes my dynamic ip (ip doesn't change very

I am trying to run ddclient from a server on the LAN to update DNS to (a dynamic dns provider).

I know I can put the server directly on then internet (DMZ) side but I want
to avoid that. I want to port forward port 80 from the linksys to the
webserver on the LAN side to take advanage of the firewall in the linksys
router (yes the server has its on iptables firewall).

Thanks for any ideas/help/suggestions you may have.

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