Re: Old wireless card on modern PC

W.P. wrote:

there is a PC with Mandriva, kernel 2.6.12. It's P4, with modernn
chipset (more than 15 int's). Have inserted Prism II (LG
11Mbps) PCI card in. Module loads (orinoco_cs) but there is NO ethx
interface. Module loads "normally" without any complaints. Where to dig?
(I have same card in, Duron, box working OK., but there is
Fedora Core Dev.) On Mandriva in syslog there are ONLY messages about
PCI-PCMCIA bridge, NO one message relating to orinoco_cs (card insertion
On Fedora i have found messages in Dmesg -> card inserted etc. Also on
Mandriva there are NO pcmcia (pccard) related tools. What should i do?

Try to find the missing RPM and install it, I expect. Look for something with a name similar to "pcmcia-tools" or "pcmcia-utils".