(Slightly OT) Very odd wireless networking problem


First of all, I appologise for being slightly offtopic. I've tried
researching the solution to this answer and this is a kind of last
resort, so if someone can help me (without flaming) it'd be massivley

Essentially my Mac (10.4.9) has major issues connecting to my home
wireless network.

I run the following machines at home:
2x WinXP
1x Win2K3 Server
1x Linux box (desktop not server)
1x MacOS X

Where I live I'm unable to get any form of broadband other than
satellite so I'm stuck with dialup. I use my 2K3 server at DHCP and
dial up server ( [gateway]), have my router set to not
function as DHCP and as such has a static IP (

When I'm on wireless, whether I'm running Linux or Windows, I have no
trouble accessing any network resources (shares, servers, internet,
etc) and DHCP allocates IP addresses automatically.

When I run my Mac on wireless, I can not get a DHCP allocated IP. When
I try to set networking information manually (IP, Gateway, subnet
mask) I have VERY VERY strange results. When I have another PC on
wireless, I can access only that PC from the Mac, none of the cabled
computers (NAS, file server, etc). With Linux and Windows I can access
both wired and wireless.

Does any one have any idea on what the hell is causing this? It makes
sense as to why DHCP isn't automatically giving an IP if it's having
trouble accessing the DHCP server which is wired to the network.

Much appreciate the replies.