Re: Automating Telnet or SSH

On 2007-09-12, Samuel <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 12 Sep 2007 14:00:20 -0700, Keith Keller wrote:

This isn't a syntax issue, but a way to specify multiple hosts on which
to execute the exscript script would probably be useful.

This is already supported in the following ways:


A complete list of command line options is here:

Great--I did look at the command line syntax, but not very thoroughly.

I'm also a bit puzzled as to what Exscript provides that, say, using the
Perl Net::SSH or Net::SSH::Perl modules do not (or, for simple tasks,
even a hack of copying over a shell script and executing with

I used Perl exclusively before creating Exscript (and long before that,
Expect), so I believe to know it very well. In fact, earlier (unreleased)
versions of Exscript were just wrappers around Perl's Net::Telnet. You
have to admit that it is a *lot* more work to create an equivalent Perl
script, even when ignoring error handling and logging in Perl (both comes
for free in Exscript).
Also, in Exscript, you get parallelization for free (see the -c command
line switch). This is simply a major pita in both, Perl and Expect, and
one of the reasons I wrote Exscript.

Again, great. I'll take a closer look.


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