Re: Help: How to use RSH to login machines without password?

Amy Lee wrote:
On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 11:53:51 +0000, Robert Harris wrote:

Amy Lee wrote:

I have 4 PCs in LAN, IP are, and the first machine
is server, so I wanna use rsh to login other 3 machines. Nut I don't wanna
type password every time.

My server's OS is RHEL 3 Linux, others' is FC6.
Which files and service should I operate?
Use ssh and login using Public Key Authentication (so your computer
shares a secret with the other machines that it wants to log into).

"man ssh" tells you how.

Thank you very much~


Amy Lee

Thank you sir. However, I've known how to configurate ssh without
password, I wanna know the same function in rsh.

Ah. Well, on my computer, rsh is a symlink to ssh and if you configure
one, then you also configure the other. However, if you want to use the
traditional rsh with the traditional insecure method of logging in, then
create a file called ".rhosts" in your home directory of each of the
machines that you want to log into containing the line:

yourusername yourhostname

where yourusername and yourhostname are replaced by your user name and
host name respectively. Check with rlogin that you can log into your
other hosts without a password.