Re: Port Mirroring in Linux

Pascal Hambourg wrote:

David Schwartz a écrit :

A bridge does whatever it's configured to do.

Within the limits of its configuration options and what it is able to do.

Simply disabling learning will do exactly what the OP wants.

Not exactly. As far as I can see from a quick test, setting the bridge
ageing time to zero (brctl setageingtime <brname> 0) seems to disable
learning, but the bridge still knows its own MAC addresses, so traffic
received on a port destined to one of these MAC address won't be
forwarded to other ports.

True but you could do thomething like this:

ebtables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth3 -p 0x0800 -j dnat --to-destination
00:01:12:12:12:12 --dnat-target ACCEPT