Re: Wireless Woe - Please Help

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On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 15:42:13 +0100, EliveUser wrote:

This is while trying to connect to an unencrypted network! So the
problem has nothing (yet) to do with wpa.
Are you sure? iwlist wlan0 scan results say the encryption key is on.

yes, i have a second pc connected to a wireless bridge and am therefore
turning encryption off only for short times. When generating the output
for my posting, i had encryption on again, but i can assure you that the
dhclient command produced exactly the identical results as posted when
trying to connect to an unencrypted network.

And what else did you post that is not true? You want help but then post
stuff you know is wrong.

Are you really sure that there is no encryption key? Switch it off and
leave it off. You are not going to bombarded in the day that you use.

Fix one problem at a time.

b)Try with a fixed IP address instead of dhcp. Maybe dhcp is badly set up
on the router.

Make sure that in the Kernel-config CONFIG_PACKET is set.