Re: load-balancing twin 10GbE?

"Steve Wampler" <swampler@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Steve Wampler wrote:
It is? 960MB is 9.6% of 10GB.

True, but it's 96% of 10Gb.

The moment I sent this, I just *knew* someone would do
the math :).

That's a (very) rough approximation to point out that
10GB ~= 10Gb. The actual % is lower, but without knowing

10GB ~= 100Gb. There is at least a factor of 8 (perhaps more,
depending on transmission characteristics) between the two.

frame size, protocol (TCP vs UDP), etc., it's hard to get
an accurate number. Someone with more network smarts
than me (uh, that'd be most of you...) can do the real
math. Anyway, the % is high enough that I worry about
sending 960MB/s sustained down a 10GbE wire, though thanks
to Rick's input I'm worrying a little less than before!