Re: ping same public host via Ethernet and wireless connection at the same time

Xiaochuan Shen wrote:
Hello group!

For the purpose of demonstrating difference in multipath latency, I
would like to measure the “ping” time from my laptop to the same host on
Internet, via two different paths: wired Ethernet, and Wifi connection
respectively. The two connections here both support DHCP client and are
connect to Internet with different ISPs (wired university LAN, wireless
commercial connection).

Ideally I wish I can ping a public host (let’s say Google for example)
through the two different connections on the same machine and at the
same time.

I have tried to make the wireless interface gained IP address by DHCP
while statically assign IP address to Ethernet interface. The routing
table after this are as follows:

Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Iface UG eth1 U wlan0 UG wlan0

where eth1 is the wired interface and wlan0 is the wifi card. is the gateway on wired Ethernet.

Of course I can reach Google via wlan0. However I have tried to do:
Ping –r –I eth1

And ICMP packets seemed never come back via eth1. I am wondering whether
it is possible to reach public host under my configurations?

Thanks for your time.

All the best,

Some router between your PC and the internet must route packets from the
internet addressed to your PC via your ethernet interface.

What happens if you switch off your ethernet interface (ifconfig eth1 down)?