Re: unable to start xinetd

On 2010-08-12, Bhawna <bvnbhati@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am working on a Linux box (Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike)- too
old !) set up as gateway on our network.

I am trying to start xinetd service as part of a project which will
run a new server. I have not added any services yet, but still xinetd
is troubling with no obvious errors/reasons.

When I start xinetd I get no error at prompt level as well as at log

At prompt I see:

Starting xinetd: [ OK ]

And corresponding log message is

xinetd startup succeeded

HOw about actually putting in a service for xinetd to service into
And what log is that. Have you looked in /var/log/message and

But when I check status of xinetd I get following message.

xinetd dead but pid file exists

Please help me on this issue.