Re: Trouble with static route


snorble a écrit :
My efforts so far suggest the issue might be that I need to enable
traffic to be routed in and back out of the same physical interface
( So my questions are:
1. Does that seem likely to be the issue?

Yes, according to your packet captures.

2. Is there a way to enable this functionality?

In the iptables ruleset. The functionality is enabled with global IP
forwarding, but iptables rules may drop the packets.

Have you added the rules in the FORWARD chain to allow traffic to pass
between and

I'd rather allow traffic from eth2 to eth2.

Quick and dirty test :
iptables -I FORWARD -i eth2 -o eth2 -j ACCEPT

Here I am connected to VPN ( and try to ping and When I ping I get an echo-request and an echo-
reply, but I when I ping I only get an echo-reply. That seems
odd, since it doesn't see the echo-request but it sends an echo-reply.

It's not odd at all : the ASA forwards the echo request directly to because it has a direct route to, but
sends the reply via its default gateway because it has no
direct route to

I am also wondering if I need something along these lines?

I don't think advanced traffic is required.