Re: Network problems on VAIO PCG-F150

From: José Luis Gómez Dans (
Date: 07/17/03

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 11:21:36 +0100

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:26:18 +0000, Jose L Gómez Dans wrote:

> I have found some references to passing the following parameters to
> the kernel:
> acpi=off
> noapic.

        I finally got round to try this out. It is an improvement; the system no
longer crashes on high network load *ALL* the time, but rather quite
often. I managed to download a list of packages from the debian mirrror.

        I now get an error from usb-uhc.c:
usb-uhc.c: interrupt, status 30, frame # 1365
usb-uhc.c: Host controller halted, trying to restart (repeasted 3 or 4

        While the laptop has USB; it is not being used (at least, not that I know
off!). Can anyone suggest anything?