Re: HP ze4400 pavilion notebook

From: Stephen J. Fromm (
Date: 09/11/03

Date: 11 Sep 2003 07:34:07 -0700

Zane Vandiver <> wrote in message news:<f5J7b.1005$>...
> Stephen,
> What are the specs on this machine? If it is similar to the Compaq 2170,

* Athlon XP-M 2200+
* ATI IGP 320M chipset (or something similar--this is from a poster to
a PC Mag review of a very similar machine, and for some reason HP
doesn't tell you what the chipset is)
* 30 GB HDD
* 54g Wireless (includes 802.11b)
* 10/100 NIC

One thing I'm worried about is a Linux-minded friend claims that some
Wireless cards, made by BroadCom, don't work or don't work well w/
Linux due to maker not releasing specs.

> you should have no problems depending on the distro you use. SuSE 8.2 and
> the newest Mandrake seem to install almost flawlessly. RH 9.0 installs
> seem to have a lot of problems.

Huh. I thought Mandrake was RH made easier for novices...

> The two biggest problems are legacy USB and firewire. You should diable
> them in the bios before doing the install. If you want to dual boot with
> WinXP, you will need to use either the linux NTFS tools or Partition Magic
> to resize and format the hard drive. Linux can only read from NTFS at this
> time.
> and will have more resources you can
> check.



> Zane
> Stephen J. Fromm wrote:
> > Anyone with any thoughts or experience why I should _not_ purchase an
> > HP pavilion ze4400 series notebook, if I'm planning on putting Linux
> > on it?
> >
> > sjfromm