built kernel w/ACPI; now what?

From: Sandra Loosemore (sandra_at_frogsonice.com)
Date: 09/11/03

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 14:38:51 GMT

I just built and installed kernel 2.4.22 with ACPI support enabled on
my new Dell 300m. About the only thing I notice different from the
default Red Hat 9 kernel is that it now powers off by itself if I do
shutdown -h. The suspend button does not work, nor does closing the
lid do anything useful. Are there supposed to be other things I can
do with ACPI, like monitor the battery status? (I can do all that
stuff on my older laptops which use APM instead.) Forgive me if this
is a stupid question, and I have tried to RTFM, but it seems that all
the ACPI documentation I can find is low-level stuff about how to
install it rather than what you actually do with it once you've got it