Re: Fedora Core 3 & ACPI support

From: Lewin A.R.W. Edwards (
Date: 11/22/04

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    Date: 22 Nov 2004 05:50:18 -0800

    > i have an hp laptop with a mobile AMD Athlon-XP 2400+ (1.8Ghz)
    > processor (which tends to run really hot when running at full 1.8GHz

    I have a Hewlett-Packard ZE4805WM, which has the XP-M 2800+ (2.1GHz).
    I am running FC2. When connected to AC, it spends most of its time
    throttled down to ~533MHz. It only goes up to the full speed when I'm
    doing something like building a kernel (or when certain of those 3D X
    screensavers come on).

    The fan *never* activates while I'm just word processing, emailing

    I don't know how this behavior compares to Windows on the same laptop,
    since I reformatted it the day I opened the box, but I don't see how
    it could possibly get any better.

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