Re: LINUX installation on Fujitsu siemens Amilo A 1640.

From: Lenard (lenard_at_127.0.0.1)
Date: 12/26/04

Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 19:15:54 GMT

On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 09:56:22 -0800, eSunny wrote:


> I tried to install redhat linux shrike.The installation was almost done
> except selection of graphical adapter part and the type of monitor.I
> choosed generic for graphical adapter as SiS M760(its installed) was not
> listed,and unprobed monitor as there was no matching monitor
> availiable.The screen goes blank once i boot up the system.What can be
> the reason?Any view point??

Why are you installing RHL9 it's EOL, but that's besides the point right
now. You should be able to boot into runlevel 3 and fix the problem,
follow the directions here;

In the section; D.4.5. Problems When You Try to Log In

Change 'single' to '3' in the insturctions to boot into runlevel 3 (text
mode), logon as root. Correct the video configuration with the directions
found in the manuals; ,it's a
good idea to download them so you can have them handy for later reference
and review.

Hint 1, select a generic LCD screen that matches your laptop screen

Hint 2, as soon as possible bring your system current, the video drivers
and most other errata (bug fixes, security and system updates and such)
have changed greatly. Please visit;

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