Re: Firewire + USB card causes trouble when inserted

From: Jim (
Date: 08/23/05

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    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 18:57:01 GMT
    > Hello,
    > I am having trouble getting Linux to recognize the following PCMCIA
    > card:
    > Syba SD-PCB-COM
    > Chipset: M5271
    > Product Info:
    > It offers 2 USB2 ports and 2 firewire ports.
    > When I insert it and run 'cardctl ident 0' [when this card is plugged
    > into slot 0] I am given the message "no product info available." The
    > system has no trouble, however, recognizing my wireless PCMCIA card
    > [linksys wpc11].
    > What could be the trouble? The card not only refuses to be
    > recognized, but when I insert it it actually prevents the
    > otherwise-functional wireless internet card from being recognized as
    > well. There are windows and mac drivers available for this
    > troublesome SD-PCB-COM, but unfortunately I'm unsure about how to make
    > it work under Linux. Is it possible to use the windows drivers to
    > construct a driver for linux?
    > I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu. My computer is a IBM
    > Thinkpad A21m. If anyone can think of any possible solutions, I'd love
    > to hear them Please contact me at with any
    > suggestions. I apprecaite it!
    > Venkat
    > PS - This is my first post, and I am also completely new to Linux.
    > Please let me know if I've posted anything incorrectly or if I am
    > overlooking something obvious.

    what you're looking for is an Ali M5271 Orangeware driver. Not knowing
    which kernel you're running, I'd say google for that + kernel version.
    Best way to find out for sure whether the card'll actually run under
    Linux is to boot Knoppix 4.0 DVD (has /all/ the drivers under the sun,
    so if it's supported, it'll report the chipset and driver); then it'll
    just be a case of copying the module to the HD, updating the kernel and

    On saying that, you could have a power problem with your PCMCIA port.
    I've had it happen where I plugged in a PCMCIA hard drive, then a wifi
    card, and it fried the bus. No more PCMCIA :(

    Maybe the Internet has the answers I need. It certainly answered my 
    questions about wang enhancement.

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