Help me choose Linux WIFI PCI card. Linksys, Planet, US Robotics
Date: 10/27/05

Date: 27 Oct 2005 04:08:33 -0700

Hi there, I have a desktop linux PC and I've been fighting
for the past few months to get the wifi running on it, but
with partial success.

The card I have (DLINK DWL G520+) has un unsupported chip,
for which there are some linux drivers (acx100) that
kinda work but lock up the whole machine every once in
a while (i've tried every trick on the book), and loses
the connection for no reason (other people in the appt
have their Win boxes running fine with the same router).

Since I'm sick and tired of it, I'd like to know
which of the following cards works (yes, I searched
google & i've seen the HP list that's on the web of
supported cards, but I still can't find out if they're

So, if anybody has experience with one of these cards,
please let me know if it works or not, and what problems
I might find with them.

I'm using Fedora Core 4.

Cards (this is what the store here carries):
Linksys WMP54G
Planet WL8314
Us Robotics 5417

Thanks A LOT to everybody who will want to help me
out of this wifiless hole.