Re: Lifebook 780Tx and dd

On Sat, 17 Jun 2006 15:39:44 +0100, Norman Elliott
<nelliott@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, I have a Fuujitsu lifebook780Tx which has win98 on it at the
moment. I would like to put Linux on it as dual boot with windows. I
would also like to put a wireless card in it so I can connect it to my
main Pc.

This Pc triple boots Mandriva/Suse/Slackware. It has an ethernet card
in it and connects to the internet through an adsl modem/router.

I believe I should be able to put a wireless PCI card in it and thus
enable connection of the lifebook to the internet.

I also want to run remote X sessions from this Pc to the lifebook so
all it has to do is display X apps, so harnessing the power of my main
Pc which has 1Gig Ram and a Sempron 3000+ processor.

I bought the Lifebook cheap and it came without CD's. It just had win
98 on it. The Fujitsu website does provide drivers but these are for

I wish to do everything in stages.

Stage 1 back up the LB ( lifebook ) The LB has a 3.1Gig Hard disc
Control Panel reports it as a ST310211A. I have a usb 10Gig disc with
3 fat32 partitions on it. What I propose is to boot the LB with DSL
and use dd to copy the h/disc to the usb disc. Problem - I don't know
the correct parameters for dd to make sure I copy all of the disc. I
know it is dd if=?????( don't know of=???? (maybe /dev/hde1/lbimage)
I believe that this- with the correct syntax would give me a file
which I could use to restore the LB if everything fails.

Can anyone give me the syntax please?

If it is an IDE drive,
if=/dev/hda (or hdb, c, d depending where you connect the drive)
For a SCSI, USB or SATA drive change "hd" to "sd".
of= a regular file or a block device of equal or larger size
conv=sync,noerror (just in case the drive has bad sectors. If it does,
you are just in time to make a backup!)

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