What to put on a Pentium 100 with 24 meg of Ram?

To be honest, this is for my 1 year old daughter. She loves to slam on
the keyboard of my notebook. She finds some interesting shortcuts (I
use Xp :-) but I am not fond of these (she shuts down the machine I
dont know how).
Anyway, I have an old laptop sitting in my closet. It's a Pentium 100,
24 meg of Ram and 800 meg of hard-drive. It runs on a french Windows
95 and has never given me any trouble (really I used it intensively
for 8 years 1996 - 2003 without a blue screen of death!!!) except that
my Mp3 player has 10 times its capacity...
Anyway, I used to tweak my windows in my younger days and I've always
thought about switching to a linux system since I basically don't use
any M$ products (besides media player, easily replacable), I thought
this could be a good opportunity for me to learn. I want to install a
very light system and I'm still wondering if there are any program
that makes some cool things on the screen when one bangs the
keyboard :-) (windows normally does it but my old Win 95 is pretty

Thanks for any indications or hints